Words From Stalwarts

Words from Stalwarts

A glimpse of stalwarts who visited Amity and interacted with students

It is a reality that Amity will produce the leaders of tomorrow who will not only shape the future of India but that of the world as well.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Hon'ble Former President of India

Students at Amity are indeed some of the most enthusiastic and enterprising of the lot that I have come across.
Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Harry Kroto, FRS

Francis Eppes Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University, USA

A talk with an Amitian sets you thinking. It surprises you how such young minds are propelled to think differently. They pave the way for innovative ideas!
Dr. Edward De Bono

Lateral Thinking Guru

Amity always amazes you with its enthusiastic and intelligent student community imbued to the core with values and ethics.
Prof. Werner Arber

Nobel Laureate & Honorary Professor of Biotechnology at Amity University